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Home Fires

Oct 30, 2017 (0) comment

Every 87 seconds a home fire is reported in the US. a third of the fires are started by children. Cooking fires represent around 51% of residential fires. Heating equipment represents around 11% of dwelling fires. Electrical malfunction counts for 6% of the fires, leaving another 6% due to carelessness. Fires are on a downward Trend since 2005. Losses due to Fires are over $11.6 Billion dollars. I recommend for your protection that you take pictures of every room and all closets and drawers in your home. This will be invaluable during a claim. It will help you remember what you actually had before a fire loss. After a fire, the stress is so great that you will overlook a lot of items and not realize it until you need it. Please take extra precautions with the Christmas decorations that you will be putting up in the coming months. P.S. remember your local Firefighters during this time of the year because they help us when we need it the most.

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